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Other Programs

In addition to the middle school Do the Write Thing Challenge program, the NCSV has launched Stay Connected and the Do the Write Thing Public Radio Program.

Stay Connected

The National Campaign to Stop Violence (NCSV) has created a program called "Stay Connected" wherein we are able to keep in touch with Do the Write Thing participants and their parents, teachers, NCSV volunteers and friends. By clicking on the "Stay Connected" tab above, you can register and we will periodically send you e-mails and newsletters to keep you up-to-date with NCSV activities.

Do the Write Thing Public Radio Program

The NCSV has partnered with Treehouse Productions to create a series of radio modules on Do the Write Thing to air on public radio stations across the nation. Each module features CNN news correspondent Soledad O'Brien introducing a student who reads one of the thousands of Do the Write Thing writings. The series will debut with a 30-minute program featuring interviews with the founders and supporters of the program. For a sample of the program, visit our audio page.

Past Programs

The National Guard ChalleNGe and STARBASE

The National Guard ChalleNGe and STARBASE at-risk Youth programs worked in collaboration with the National Campaign to Stop Violence (NCSV) in an attempt to help youth realize the impact of youth violence in our communities. Over 4,000 students from 29 ChalleNGe program sites and 31 STARBASE program sites participated in the “Do the Write Thing Challenge” Program.

The National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program served as a preventive "youth at risk" program that targeted unemployed, drug-free, high school dropouts between 16-18 years of age. Core components of the program consisted of citizenship, academic excellence (GED/High School attainment), life-coping skills, community service, health and hygiene, skills training, physical training and leadership/followership. A five-month residential phase was followed by a one-year mentoring relationship between youth and with trained mentors from their community.

The National Guard STARBASE program aimed at improving math and science skills. The program started at the elementary school level in order to attract and prepare students at an early age for careers in engineering and other science-related fields of study. The program principally exposed at-risk-children and their teachers to real world applications of math and science through experiential learning, simulations and experiments in aviation and space-related fields. The program also addressed drug use prevention, health, self-esteem, and life skills within a math and science-based program.

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