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A tribute to Ed Miles, Jr. - San Antonio Coordinator

Ed Miles, Jr

On Monday, September 17, 2012, the City of San Antonio woke up to learn the sad news that Mr. Ed "Eddie" Miles, Director of Community Projects for the Bexar County District Attorney's Office, had suddenly passed away. Ed is survived by his wife, Jewell, his son Eddie III and his daughter, Danielle.

To say that Ed Miles cared and loved humanity is an understatement. He worked quietly behind the scenes connecting people, helping others succeed and putting ideas into motion to help everyone do better. In spite of the fact that he was involved in and committed to so many different things, he was always available to share an idea, to offer a solution to help. Whenever anyone asked, "Eddie" how things were going, he was always positive and he always answered, "So far - so good."

Tino Duran, Publisher of La Prensa, a San Antonio newspaper, penned, "We were friends, close friends, for many years - and Ed was a role model for me. At a certain point, I realized that I was patterning my own life based on how he led his because he was such a good person".

Along with family and friends who will greatly miss Ed, Judge Darlene Reed, Bexar County District Attorney, shared that Ed was her Community Projects Director and that he spearheaded numerous programs within the community. He solely managed the execution of one of the largest, the San Antonio Do the Write Thing Texas Challenge. Judge Reed depended on Ed to coordinate the judging of the writings, all of the printing, the awards ceremonies and to attend all of the out of town events. As Ed's "boss" (as he would affectionately call her) she eloquently explains the effect Ed Miles had on those around him: "Eddie's loss is one that grieves those who knew him and called him friend. He was just the nicest guy, plus the most caring and community oriented individual you would ever want to know and work alongside. His work in regard to non-violence education programs will forever positively affect countless numbers of people. Eddie's work made a difference. I along with those working in my office feel a tremendous loss and there is now a hole in our lives that will not be filled."

"I think that Eddie is irreplaceable but at some point another individual will step into the position. It will be very difficult to find that individual and I don't intend to fill it until the right person is found. Due to this situation, I feel it is wisest not to launch the Challenge this year. It would be unfair to those participating to get down the road and have an inadequate execution of what needs to be accomplished," stated Judge Reed. She went on to add that hopefully, her office will be able to restart the program in the future.

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