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A Tribute to President George H.W. Bush

President George H.W. Bush with DC finalist John Bonham in Kuwait City, 2001.
President George H.W. Bush with DC finalist John Bonham in Kuwait City, 2001.
It is the rare person who dedicates the entirety of his adult life to the service of his country.  President George H.W. Bush was such a man.  One of his legacy's will be the encouragement he gave to all to give back freely to community and country.  “A thousand points of light," a phrase synonymous with his name, reminds all of us to lend a hand, speak a kind word, or lighten someone’s load.

Just as President Bush understood the value of service, he also understood the value of encouraging youth to achieve and excel.  At the National Campaign to Stop Violence we are very grateful for the strong advocate that President Bush was for the “Do the Write Thing” Challenge program.  He knew that “the Challenge works because it creates a network of positive communication between our youth, their teachers and their community.”  He understood that it takes all, working together, talking together, to create a safer community, country, and world.

We were honored to have President Bush listen to several of the stories written by our young students as they recounted both with sorrow and resilience what they faced with youth violence.  Always authentic, tears moistened his eyes as he listened to situations that no young person should experience.  His compassion and optimism, additional traits he was widely known for, quickly gave encouragement and hope to these young students.

It is with sadness that we mourn the loss of such a great American.  We will miss the integrity and graciousness that abounded in his life and which caused all of us to want to be kinder and gentler to our fellow citizens.

Kuwait-America Foundation's Tribute to President George Herbert Walker Bush

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