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Reflections on the Newtown Tragedy


    The National Campaign to Stop Violence joins with millions to mourn the tragic and violent deaths of the children and adults in Newtown, Connecticut.   It has been our mission for twenty years to listen to the voices of our youth with regards to violence in this nation.  In speaking out about violence, our youth continue to point to drugs, gangs, violence in entertainment, video game violence, bullying, alcohol, peer pressure, parental failure, mental health issues and abuse issues as prevailing reasons of youth violence.  In reacting to the tragedy, we ask that a broad dialogue occur which addresses the many mitigating factors that can contribute to violence. Society needs to carefully consider all factors in a broad discussion about personal responsibility and community responsibility in helping to raise citizens who don’t embrace a culture of violence.

    Our thoughts and prayers will be for the resiliency of the families in Newtown.  The National Campaign to Stop Violence will continue to work tirelessly to reduce youth violence in our nation.

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